Forefront of Fabricating & Design Technology

In our unrelenting effort to stay in the forefront of fabricating and design technology, Fabco provides our shops and our customers with precisely cut metal and plastic parts. Every piece of equipment that Fabco produces is constructed of high quality metals and plastics cut to strict tolerances with the most technologically advanced equipment available.

Fabco’s Trumpf Model TLF-3000 Turbo Laser is designed to cut material up to 1/2“” thick and to tolerances +/- 0.004“”. This kind of accuracy and the speed with which the laser operates allows Fabco to produce in house metal parts and products that other manufacturers must out-source. There is no wait for vendor availability. Fabco’s engineering staff designs a part, sends the file to the laser and the cut part is available to the shop or to be shipped the same day. The variety and complexity of laser cut parts are limitless, and bend lines, part numbers or logos can be etched into parts as they are cut.

Similarly, Fabco’s application of CNC technology into the manufacture of polymer parts has greatly increased productivity as well as expanded our capability to produce a wider array of parts not attainable by the previous standard of manufacturing processes. By implementing this state of the art technology, Fabco is now able to hold tolerances of +0.002, maintaining a higher level of consistency in our parts than is available anywhere in the industry. Fabco staff has researched the properties of the various plastic materials and offers our customers parts that are uniquely suited to the environment and equipment application and withstand breakdown where others may fail.

This equipment allows Fabco to produce items for our equipment assemblies which would otherwise cost much more. By producing parts faster, more precisely and with less cost than our competitors, Fabco is able to provide a higher quality product while reducing costs to our customers.