Quality, Communication, Cooperation, Dedication

Before any piece of Fabco equipment is moved to the Assembly Department, it is subjected to a rigorous pre-assembly quality inspection to assure that every weld is of the highest quality workmanship. After passing this process, some equipment will proceed immediately to the Assembly Shop, but most items go to the Blasting Room first. Here, any imperfections in the metal finish are eliminated by the high pressure bead blast.

Then the Assembly crew takes over and begins the process of putting together all the individual parts that make Fabco Equipment operate. Among the hundreds of items meticulously installed by the Fabco Assembly Department crew are shafts, sprockets, bearings, conveyor belt and chain, sensors, diverters and gates, motors and gearboxes, air and hydraulic cylinders, and all manner of hardware. Finally, before release to shipping, each piece of equipment undergoes a final quality inspection which includes operation under power to insure the utmost in quality and operation.

The members of Fabco’s Assembly Department work closely with the Engineering, Technology and Fabrication departments to provide our customers the best quality stainless steel conveyors, material handling and food processing equipment available in the industry. Once ready for shipping you are guaranteed to receive your order in perfect condition with all parts and supplies and in a timely manner. With our own fleet of trucks, Fabco can schedule delivery and installation when you need it. We can ship worldwide from ports on either the East or West coast depending on destination.

Upon arrival our Field Crews take over. Each is headed by a skilled foreman with extensive experience in installation of processing equipment and conveying systems. Each has worked in the processing equipment industry for many years and is exceptionally knowledgeable of installation and processing. Fabco has the capability of providing as many qualified service personnel as you require for installation of your new equipment without compromising your scheduling guidelines, and while exhibiting a professionalism unmatched in the industry.