Equipment Catalog

Cone Deboning Line

Model #F127-FDSC

The Fabco Equipment Company, Inc. Cone Deboning Line features a unique precision laser cut floor mounted stainless steel frame, stainless steel chain belt, 1 1/4″ shafts with 41 tooth sprockets, and stainless steel or polymer cones. Illustrated at below is a section view of Fabco’s Dual Cone Line.

Used For:

Widely considered the most efficient means of deboning poultry of all types, turkey, chicken, or duck, it is useful in deboning other meats as well through the use of specialized deboning modules. Fabco’s patented Deboning System offers a variety of deboning modules for deboning different products. Offered in stainless steel or food grade UHMW, Fabco’s Cones, used to debone front halves and whole birds, and Mandrels, for deboning thighs and leg quarters, are available in various sizes and configurations depending upon the product.


* Fabco Bearings
* Food Grade Rubber Belting
* Laser Precision Cut Stainless Steel Frame
* Laser Precision Cut Stainless Steel Tubular Leg Assembly (height adjustable)
* Stainless Steel Shafts


The Food Grade Conveyor may be partially or fully suspended from the ceiling. Also offered are a choice of electric or hydraulic drive in painted or stainless steel case, a fixed or variable speed gearbox, product stops, dividers, diverters, shelves, belt washers, and drip pans. Each Fabco Food Grade Conveyor is truly a custom unit, designed specifically in the length, width and height that meets your needs.