Equipment Catalog

Ball Transfer Conveyor

Model #F71-BTC

This Fabco, Inc conveyor has wheels which rotate independently, allowing excellent tracking of packages. Item to be transported on this conveyor should have smooth, firm bottom surfaces to ensure satisfactory operation. Items may be manually pushed along this conveyor or the conveyor may be inclined to allow the force of gravity to move the items. The Ball Transfer conveyor offers good support for the bottom surfaces of the items to be transported. Therefore, those with irregular surfaces, such as drums or older cartons and boxes, or items too loosely bagged to transport well on gravity wheel conveyors, can all be transported on the gravity roller conveyor. These items will move smoothly as long as the bottom surface of the item does not conform to the shape of the rollers. Items may be manually pushed along this conveyor or the conveyor may be inclined to allow the force of gravity to move the items.

Used For:

Ball Transfer Tables are extremely useful where the orientation of packages must be manually transferred. The ball units provide economical solutions to even the most difficult motion problems. Transfers, inspection stations and packing stations are some common applications for ball transfer tables. It is important that the item on the ball table has a smooth, firm bottom surface.

We also offer a full line of curves, stands, gates, supports and many other accessories for all Fabco, Inc. gravity conveyor models.


Our High Speed Horizontal Slicer is USDA approved for use in the food processing industry. The separate adjustment for each lane on the dual lane model allows two different thickness settings to be run simultaneously. The Horizontal Slicer features fully automated adjustments on the press belt and on the blade height. Digital readout of blade position makes adjustment easy. The Horizontal Slicer also offers full length hold down belts for product, controls in a transparent Nema 4-x enclosure for safe and easy wash down and a main panel with a stainless Nema 4-x with lock-out capability mounted on the machine.


* Full Automated Adjustment of Blade Height
* NEW! “Top Pick-Off” System
* Electro Non Bio – Bacteria Preventive Finish
* Digital Readout for Blade Height Adjustment
* Transparent (wash down safe) Nema Control Panel Enclosure
* Capable of Belt Speed Adjustments from 0 – 150 fpm
* 13″ Wide Conveyors (allow slicing of full large breast, as well as fish and red meat)
* Speed Adjustable Cutting Head Blade
* Full Adjustment of Top Compression Belt
* Full Length Product Hold Down Belt
* Food Grade Belting
* Precision Stainless Steel Bearings
* Stainless Steel Shafts
* Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Leg Assemblies
* Main Control Panel enclosed in a Stainless Enclosure (lock out capable) Conveniently Located for easy Maintenance.
* Inverter Duty Motors with Inverters